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Night Vision Binocular


799 EUR

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Stabilized Image Binoculars  SBS-16X50, SBS-20X50


Stabilized binoculars are designed for observation and detail viewing remote objects during search and rescue works and other activities both from the stationary and moving platforms (from car, board of the vehicle, yacht and so forth). Specially developed stabilized image system ensures a fixed visible image under the influence of interfering effects, such as: hand tremors of the user, vibration, kicks, shocks on the binoculars. The stabilization mode is switched on by depressing the button as far as it will go . It is hermetically sealed and moisture proof.

 Night vision goggles  D-206H (D-205H) Generation 2+


These have no distortion, are waterproof and have push button control with an on/off indicator. Possibility of operation with additional lenses as a night binocular. Built-in infrared-illuminator. The optic system does not require inter-eye regulation and has an on/off indicator for the infrared-illuminator in the ocular. Shock-resistant body comprising of light alloys of aluminium. 

Zoom-Scope  SIBIR 16-32X50, 20-50X50

Sibir_16_32_50.jpg (4307 bytes)


The perfect multi-tasking scope that works anywhere!

Yukon TM is lightweight, compact yet extremely powerful. A Newtonian refractor system allows this surprisingly small 9”. variable power 20-50x50 (16-32x50) scope to be easily packed away for long hikes.

Full-featured optics allow perfect image quality in all weather conditions. The Scopes mass is only 650g.

The Yukon TM can be ordered as a package with our exclusive Tripod / Car window mount kit and deluxe padded Corduroy carrying case.

New ! CCCP  Music watch!


For more than half a century trade mark "Moinija" on the world watch market symbolizes quality, high-precision and original design. We used the best traditions of Russian craftsmen and unique experience of Swiss watchmakers, we combine hand-made work and modern technics and technologies to create watches that do not simply inform you what time it is now. Our watches also tell you interesting stories about past time. Mythological and Bible plots, historical events and famous people, emblems of cities and countries, sailing and cosmic ships, beautiful pictures of nature. All in all more than 180 models. The hands of the watch count off second after second, turning into the past special events, dates and facts, but the Memory about them we keep for you on the covers and dials of our watches.


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